"We are proud of our track record in helping clients find their best-fit colleges."
Loretta & Molly, CBC Owners

The college search and application process doesn’t have to be scary, intimidating or mystifying. Our College Bound Consulting (CBC) team fosters mentorship, reduces anxiety, and delivers personalized expertise for students and their families. Why should you hire CBC?

We are Proven

Over the last ten years, CBC has ushered hundreds of students and their families through the college admissions process. During that time, we have served students from over thirty high schools in the Chicagoland area and beyond, resulting in acceptances to over 150 universities. Our efforts have produced results: our students gain access to their top choice colleges, are awarded merit scholarships, are invited into honors programs or simply find the “perfect home” to explore their academic and personal interests.

We are Anxiety Managers

We understand how daunting the college application process is. We also understand the complexity and demands of our students’ lives. Our process allows us to set realistic goals, both in the development of a college list as well as throughout the application experience. Our goal is to take stress out of the process, allowing a thoughtful, and often times fun, college search and application experience.

We are a Team

At CBC, we take teamwork seriously. While each student has their own one-on-one consultant, all of our clients also benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of a team of experienced college consultants. We confer and meet regularly to discuss trends in education, to talk through client needs, and to share application tips and strategies.

We are Mentors

We work to understand our students. Our personalized counseling process helps us know their particular strengths so that we can point them to best-fit schools. Come application time, our guidance helps students to present admissions officers with an application that captures their aspirations, talents and accomplishments in a compelling, authentic way. Best of all, our process helps students grow in self-awareness so that come decision time, they can confidently choose the right college.

We are Travellers

There is no better way to understand a college than through a visit. We encourage our students and families to get on the road and attend official information sessions and tours offered at campuses. We practice what we preach, traveling several times a year to dozens of universities around the country to help us better understand the hundreds of options out there. This knowledge allows us to make more precise recommendations for our clients.
For over a decade years, College Bound Consulting (CBC) has been helping students and their families solve the university admissions puzzle. Our CBC team of professionals understands the constantly changing environment and increasingly complex world of university admissions. We are on the road visiting campuses, communicating regularly with admissions offices, observing trends, identifying scholarship opportunities and much more, all with the goal of informing and guiding our clients in the most important decision of their young lives. Choice of university is a life-changing, and increasingly expensive decision. We pride ourselves on a history of partnership with families, helping them make the most informed choice possible. Based on the premise that no two students are alike, we strive to understand each client’s talents, interests, and aspirations. Our singular focus on university admissions, coupled with our in-depth knowledge, allows us to develop a customised strategy unique to each student. With our proven university admissions approach we guide students to the best choice for them; a place where they can achieve both academic success and personal growth.