Sally Hughes – UK Consultant

Sally has lived in 11 cities, 4 states, and 3 countries. In her work with students, she has long advocated they test their wings and use the time to experience new and diverse places. This perspective was recently tested when she sent her eldest child 3000 miles away for university.

Sally is keenly aware how the choice of university and its ‘fit’ with the student can be crucial in that student’s eventual success. Her 15 years experience with various types and sizes of universities in the US, UK and Ireland helps her work with students to identify those aspects of fit, and navigate the vast array of institutions and courses of study available.

Sally is an avid proponent for studying, travelling, and living abroad, and is excited to be part of the CBC team in London helping students do just that. She has worked with students as a career counsellor, lecturer, residential coordinator, and leadership trainer. During a hiatus from education, she founded and sold several businesses, and ran her own web, media and communications firm. She has worked independently with students on the college application process and career planning for over a decade, and is happy to contributing her services as part of a team.

Sally has a BS in Psychology and Human Development from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, an M.Ed from the University of Vermont, and studied Educational Policy and Leadership Studies at the doctoral level. Sally lives in London with her four children.

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