Loretta Summers — Managing Partner & Senior Consultant

As a child, Loretta’s family straddled the Atlantic, living in both Italy and the US. In fact her first words were in Italian! Early on, she recognized the value of communicating with people in their native languages, treasuring to this day, her bilingual heritage.

Loretta believes that knowledge is power; this serves as the foundation for motivating and enlightening her clients during their college selection journey.  Loretta is passionate about guiding students through this period of discernment and growth as they position themselves to make the first major decision in their young lives.

As a co-owner of College Bound Consulting, Loretta combines the business skills developed in her previous career with her commitment to helping young people achieve their dreams. Prior to joining College Bound Consulting in 2013, Loretta spent thirty years in financial services, most recently as a Managing Director at Deutsche Bank, where she enjoyed mentoring junior colleagues, now the focal point of her college counseling practice. She brings her experience in markets and industries to college admissions, researching and interpreting trends to incorporate in the customized solutions developed for her clients.

Loretta is a twenty year resident of Hinsdale, a graduate of Boston College and a Professional Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA).  She is active in the local community, serving on the board of the Hinsdale Historical Society and on the Financial Review Committee for Impact Grant Chicago. When she’s not busy guiding her clients, Loretta enjoys skiing, golf, cuisine, and travel, especially to college campuses.